Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

Chairman's Letter Autumn 2018

Since our last AGM, in April this year, your new Committee has met regularly to discuss our programme and the role of our Society going forward. We have also been considering our plan for suitable activities. You will see our comments on the membership card which goes to explain where we are. We believe our role today is still highly relevant with all the changes currently taking place in the area.

One of our prime roles is to act as a coordination body and another to co-operate with local authorities, planning committees and other statutory authorities, together with voluntary organisations having similar aims to ours. We will take positive action within our objectives to consult and lobby where necessary to help promote high standards of planning and building in or affecting our area and its long term viability.

There are two major priorities on which we are currently seeking to contribute, once the underlying facts are better known and understood. These are the provision of necessary health, wellbeing and social care facilities for the local community, and the preparation by the community of Dartmouth on a timely basis of a well prepared local Neighbourhood Plan which is ultimately suitable for public consultation.

We intend to monitor carefully all major housing and employment developments affecting our wider communities for their suitability, their impact on the environment, the necessary infrastructure, the countryside and the marine areas, so as to ensure that proper benefits are obtained by our communities for the future. We wish to assist in developing a viable and progressive future for us all.

A programme of events has been planned for this year. You will find the details on this website at Our Programme -> Events Calendar

Our AGM in 2019 will be held in March or April on a date to be confirmed.

Hopefully this letter will explain what we are seeking to provide for you over the next few months. Please get in touch with us if you have any matters you may wish us to consider. We look forward to receiving your comments.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Brooke, Chairman