Planning Applications Decided between 14 May 2018 and 17 June 2018

Ref Date Site Address Proposal Decision Parish
1859/18/TPO 01/06/2018 Wadstray House Blackawton TQ9 7DE T1: Beech - fell due to partially wind-blown, roots unstable. T2: Beech - fell, lost large limb, vertical crack on tree stem. Exempt Works Blackawton
3609/17/FUL 11/06/2018 Land adjacent to Barn Court Dreyton Cross Blackawton Devon TQ9 7DG Replacement green oak framed dwelling with ancillary garage outbuilding and associated landscaping. Conditional Approval Blackawton
1360/18/CLE 18/06/2018 Barn At Sx 830 516 Ten Acres Bugford Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for Existing operation - erection of a building for agricultural use Cert of Lawfulness (Existing) Certified Blackawton
0585/18/TPO 18/05/2018 Zephyrs Swannaton Road Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RL T0076: Yew - Complete crown reduction by up to 1.5 metres, to push back hedgeline and create more garden; T0078: Yew - Fell, to push backhedgeline and create more garden. Tree Works Allowed Dartmouth
2388/17/FUL 21/05/2018 51 Victoria Road Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RT Application for demolition of guesthouse (C1) and creation of 3no. flats (C3A) Withdrawn Dartmouth
0681/18/VAR 21/05/2018 Land adjacent to 50 Above Town Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RG Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 1257/17/VAR (Variation of condition 2 following grant of planning consent 0470/16/FUL (proposed new 3 storey residence)) Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1073/18/LBC 22/05/2018 Top Flat 2 Church Close Dartmouth TQ6 9DH Listed Building Consent for replacement of 9 aluminium windows with 5 x Aluminium casement windows, 4 x Timber sash windows, knocking wall through between kitchen and living room and internal renovation Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1072/18/HHO 22/05/2018 Top Flat 2 Church Close Dartmouth TQ6 9DH Replacement of 9 aluminium windows with 5 x Aluminium casement windows, 4 x Timber sash windows, knocking wall through between kitchen and living room and internal renovation Conditional Approval Dartmouth
4284/17/FUL 25/05/2018 Gulls Way Boathouse South Town Dartmouth Devon Second floor extension to form additional apartment as previously approved under ref 15/0904/09/F Conditional Approval Dartmouth
0937/18/VAR 30/05/2018 Blenheim Studio 13 Above Town Dartmouth TQ6 9RH Application for variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission 1214/16/HHO Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1044/18/FUL 04/06/2018 Weeping Tree New Barn Farm Norton Devon TQ6 0NH Changes to barn conversion permitted under Class Q prior approval, including addition of flue for wood burning stove, addition of solar thermal panel, addition of 1 extra skylight and addition of one small window in the rear south facing elevation Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1147/18/FUL 04/06/2018 Mayflower Court North Embankment Dartmouth TQ6 9NJ Elevational changes and improvements to the North Embankement facade. Installation of patio doors and Juliette balconies Withdrawn Dartmouth
0011/18/HHO 13/06/2018 7 Sandquay Road Dartmouth TQ6 9PH Householder application to repair and improve original garage, with new pitched roof for loft storage. Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1416/18/HHO 20/06/2018 3B Fairview Road Dartmouth TQ6 9EN Householder application for landscaping work to improve accessibility and maintenance (resubmission of 0132/18/HHO) Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1128/18/HHO 21/06/2018 19 South Embankment Dartmouth TQ6 9BB Replace existing 2no dormers to front roof with 1no dormer in the middle of the roof, set back from the front building line Conditional Approval Dartmouth
0461/18/TPO 18/05/2018 Fir Mount House Higher Contour Road Kingswear TQ6 0DE T956: Holm Oak - fell, decayed, recommended by Devon Tree Services, noplan to replant, numerous existing mature trees in small garden, many mature trees surrounding it, previous efforts to grow shrubs or trees have failed due to dense tree canopy. Tree Works Allowed Kingswear
0931/18/VAR 29/05/2018 Oceana Apartment Higher Contour Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0DJ Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 7 (Landscaping details)of planning consent 1351/16/FUL (erection of 2 flats with garages and parking) Conditional Approval Kingswear
4216/17/FUL 05/06/2018 Croftland Farm Brixham Road Kingswear TQ6 0DY Erection of agricultural barn Conditional Approval Kingswear
1257/18/LBC 08/06/2018 North Lodge Greenway TQ5 0ES Listed Building Consent for installation of an air source heat pump Conditional Approval Kingswear
3741/17/FUL 15/06/2018 Crofters Cottage Raddicombe Lane Hillhead TQ5 0EX New detached two bedroom bungalow to the rear of the plot (resubmission of 2615/17/FUL) Refusal Kingswear
1693/18/NMM 20/06/2018 1 Orchard Terrace Lower Contour Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0AW Non-material minor amendment to householder consent 1054/16/HHO to re-position escape window from side to rear elevation Conditional Approval Kingswear
1133/18/HHO 25/05/2018 Castleton Dartmouth Road Stoke Fleming TQ6 0QS Single storey extension to side bedroom, first floor extension and roof alterations to rear section, and new bedroom extension to existing annexe Conditional Approval Stoke Fleming
1369/18/FUL 15/06/2018 Driftwood House Strete TQ6 0RR Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling. Conditional Approval Strete
3713/17/FUL 21/06/2018 Abingdon Strete TQ6 0RH Demolition of existing one storey 3 bed residence and replacement withnew one storey 3 bed residence. Conditional Approval Strete