Planning Applications Decided between 20 August 2018 and 16 September 2018

Ref Date Site Address Proposal Decision Parish
2252/18/HHO 28/08/2018 4 Church Hill Blackawton TQ9 7BQ Householder application for rear extension Conditional Approval Blackawton
1742/18/FUL 30/08/2018 Little Wadstray Blackawton Devon TQ9 7DD Retrospective conversion of agricultural building to residential dwelling Conditional Approval Blackawton
2328/18/ARC 17/08/2018 14 Broadstone Dartmouth TQ6 9NR Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 (Slab level details) of planning consent 4166/17/VAR Withdrawn Dartmouth
4268/17/ADV 22/08/2018 Marks And Spencer Simply Food Mayors Avenue Dartmouth TQ6 9NF Advertisement consent for display of 8 non-illuminated advertisements in relation to supermarket car park information Conditional Approval Dartmouth
0663/18/HHO 23/08/2018 36 Above Town Dartmouth TQ6 9RG Householder application for restoration of front facade, including replacement dormer windows, new porch and new timber sash windows, additional first floor window, demolition and replacement of first floor rear extension including new rear dormer, proposed summerhouse for rear garden Conditional Approval Dartmouth
4267/17/FUL 23/08/2018 Marks And Spencer Simply Food Mayors Avenue Dartmouth TQ6 9NF Installation of 1No. 4 metre high column for an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Camera and 1No. wall-mounted camera Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1957/18/ARC 29/08/2018 12 North Ford Road Dartmouth TQ6 9EP Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 of planning consent 4163/16/FUL Discharge of condition Approved Dartmouth
2459/18/TCA 30/08/2018 5 Above Town Dartmouth TQ6 9RG G1: Birch - Crown reduction by 3m. Trim back the sides over the decking and neighbour's garden by 2m Tree Works Allowed Dartmouth
0618/18/FUL 06/09/2018 39 Crowthers Hill Dartmouth TQ6 9QX Replacement house and associated landscaping Conditional Approval Dartmouth
1704/18/FUL 07/09/2018 Camelot 61 Victoria Road Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RX Conversion of single dwelling to three flats Refusal Dartmouth
2056/18/FUL 10/09/2018 Land adjacent to 12 Newcomen Road Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9BN Construction of new single-storey, one bedroom dwelling and associated external works (resubmission of 4370/17/FUL) Refusal Dartmouth
2478/18/VAR 10/09/2018 Blenheim Studio Above Town Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RH Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 0937/18/VAR to allow for additional external metal staircase (resubmission of 0937/18/VAR) Conditional Approval Dartmouth
2136/18/FUL 12/09/2018 Creekside Ravensbury Drive Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ Demolition of existing domestic dwelling and construction of new replacement dwelling Conditional Approval Dartmouth
2191/18/FUL 12/09/2018 Moonraker The Keep Gardens Dartmouth TQ6 9JA Erection of dwelling with associated landscaping (Re-submission of 0177/18/FUL) Conditional Approval Dartmouth
2446/18/FUL 17/09/2018 Flat 2 10 Lower Street Dartmouth TQ6 9AN Alterations to second floor flat and loft conversion. Conditional Approval Dartmouth
2060/18/HHO 21/08/2018 Dartway The Level Dittisham TQ6 0ES Householder application for works to driveway, associative landscaping, and construction of external staircase. Conditional Approval Dittisham
2141/18/ARC 23/08/2018 Ferry View The Lane Dittisham TQ6 0HB Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Conditions 4 & 5 of Planning Consent 0307/18/LBC Discharge of condition Approved Dittisham
1708/18/NMM 06/09/2018 Cott Farm Barn Dittisham Devon TQ6 0JQ Non Material Amendment of Planning Consent 18/1015/09/F (Re- Configuration of barn and provision of new windows) Conditional Approval Dittisham
1567/18/FUL 13/09/2018 Former Site Of Kiln Lyon Lower Street Dittisham TQ6 0HY Erection of a replacement dwelling and garage building with associated landscape works Withdrawn Dittisham
1455/18/PAH 27/07/2018 2a The Square Kingswear Devon TQ6 0AA Notification for prior approval for change of use from shops (Class A1), financial and professional services (Class A2), betting offices, pay day loan shops and casinos (Sui Generis Uses) to restaurants and cafes (Class A3) and associated building operations Withdrawn Kingswear
2665/18/ARC 29/08/2018 Lower Greenway Farm Greenway Devon TQ5 0ES Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 of planning consent 1731/18/LBC Discharge of condition Approved Kingswear
3576/17/ARC 04/09/2018 Higher Contour Cottage Redoubt Hill Kingswear TQ6 0DA Approval of details reserved by condition numbers 3 (Drainage Method),4 and 6 (Landscape Scheme) of planning consent 0861/17/FUL (Replacement dwelling and associated landscaping works) Discharge of condition Approved Kingswear
2251/18/HHO 06/09/2018 Greenway Barton Maypool Devon TQ5 0ET Householder application for re-modelling of existing conservatory Conditional Approval Kingswear
2583/18/AGR 24/08/2018 Field At SX830514 Blatchmore Lane Bugford TQ6 0NW Application for prior notification of agricultural or forestry development - proposed agricultural barn Ag Determination details not required Stoke Fleming
2414/18/ARC 24/08/2018 Abingdon A379 Lancombe House To Blackpool Strete TQ6 0RH Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 of planning permission 3713/17/FUL Discharge of condition Approved Strete