Planning Applications Submitted from 07 January 2019 to 10 February 2019

Ref Date Site Address Proposal Parish
0073/19/FUL 11/01/2019 Lower Dimes Barn At Sx815508 Blackawton To Cotterbury Blackawton TQ9 7DA Demolition of existing barn. Construction of new dwelling house on the same footprint as existing. Blackawton
0135/19/AGR 21/01/2019 Land North of Higher Cotterbury Blackawton TQ9 7DA Agricultural Prior notification for proposed erection of an agricultural storage building Blackawton
0232/19/FUL 28/01/2019 Land at Pasture Cross East Allington Totnes TQ9 7QE Erection of agricultural storage building. Blackawton
0263/19/FUL 29/01/2019 Blacksmiths Cottage Adj. Woodcott Woodford Blackawton TQ9 7AA Conversion of building to dwelling Blackawton
0400/19/FUL 06/02/2019 The Old Forge Woodford Blackawton Devon TQ9 7AA Conversion of 'The Old Forge' to a residential dwelling Blackawton
0416/19/PDM 07/02/2019 Barn at SX 811 524 Dreyton Cross Blackawton Dartmouth TQ9 7DQ Notification for prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building to dwellinghouse (Class C3) and for associated operational development (Class Q(a+b)) Blackawton
0043/19/HHO 09/01/2019 21 Sandquay Road Dartmouth TQ6 9PH Householder application for insertion of glazed doors into side elevation and bay window extension to front elevation Dartmouth
0138/19/FUL 16/01/2019 Flat 6A, The Butterwalk Duke Street Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9PZ Change of use from private residential to public/museum charitable use Dartmouth
0049/19/VAR 16/01/2019 124 Norton Park Norton Dartmouth TQ6 0NH Variation of Condition B of planning permission SD/1672 to allow continuous all year use of chalet for holiday accommodation Dartmouth
0145/19/CLP 21/01/2019 Millpool House 7 Market Street Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9QE Certificate of lawfulness for proposed change of use to two bedrooms for use as bed & breakfast facility Dartmouth
0215/19/FUL 24/01/2019 The Coastal House 14 Mayors Avenue Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9NG Retrospective application for installation of heat pump air conditioning unit Dartmouth
0190/19/ARC 24/01/2019 Penmeneth House Fairview Road Dartmouth TQ6 9EN Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 of planning consent 3596/18/HHO Dartmouth
0178/19/CLE 25/01/2019 The Garden Flat Weeke Hill Dartmouth Devon TQ6 0JT Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing use of The Garden Flat as an independent dwellinghouse. Dartmouth
0222/19/HHO 29/01/2019 9 Mount Boone Dartmouth TQ6 9PB Householder application for single storey rear extension with terrace Dartmouth
0319/19/NMM 30/01/2019 Blue Skies 39 Above Town Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RG Application for a non-material amendment to planning permission 0582/16/HHO Dartmouth
0382/19/HHO 07/02/2019 52 Seymour Drive Dartmouth TQ6 9GB Householder application for extension over existing garage and conversion of garage to habitable room Dartmouth
0373/19/LBC 08/02/2019 Britannia Royal Naval College The Backs Dartmouth TQ6 0HJ Listed Building Consent for replacement of 6 windows to D Block Dartmouth
4211/18/TPO 07/01/2019 Dittisham Sailing Club Riverside Road Dittisham Devon TQ6 0HS T800: Oak - Reduce length of long branches by 3-4m reduce crown to reshape. T799: Oak - Remove larger deadwood over dingy park, reduce main limb back by approx. 10m to area of secondary branching, reduce right secondary stem by 3m, reshape remaining front canopy. T798: Sycamore - end weight reduction of 2 overlong limbs and general reduction over dingy park by 2m. T797: Sycamore - Remove water sproutson main trunk, crown reduction over club by max 2m due to concerns about failure. T796: Oak - Reduce end weight of 2-3 branches over boatpark by 4-5 m. T795: Oak – Remove deadwood Dittisham
0096/19/ARC 11/01/2019 Newlands Farm Blackawton Devon TQ9 7DR Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Landscaping Scheme), 5 (Sewage Disposal) and 6 (Percolation Tests) ofplanning consent 1212/18/FUL Dittisham
0079/19/LBC 14/01/2019 Fern Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX Listed building consent to replace 3 windows on lower floor, front elevation with one french door and 2 windows Dittisham
3865/18/VAR 17/01/2019 Homelands Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission 18/2500/11/F to allow the building to be used for ancillary accommodation in connection with the main dwelling Dittisham
0180/19/ARC 21/01/2019 Downton Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JD Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 following grant of Listed Building Consent 3617/18/LBC Dittisham
0017/19/TCA 21/01/2019 Shute Orchard The Lane Dittisham Devon TQ6 0HB T2: Ash - Fell Dittisham
0277/19/LBC 30/01/2019 Lilac Cottage The Level Dittisham TQ6 0ES Listed Building Consent for renovation of existing cottage with new fenestration and new roof to existing extension Dittisham
4042/18/HHO 16/01/2019 Home Farm Castle Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0DX Householder application for extension to existing dwelling Kingswear
0193/19/TPO 16/01/2019 Tree at SX884515 Hoodown Woods Kingswear T1: Cupressus Macrocarpa - Fell. Due to siginificant fungal growth on bark and crown has died back and due to proximity to residential building Kingswear
0148/19/HHO 18/01/2019 39 Hillhead Park Hillhead Devon TQ5 0HG Householder application for proposed conservatory Kingswear
0149/19/HHO 21/01/2019 Higher Greenway Barn Maypool Brixham TQ5 0ET Householder application for raising of natural stone wall on boundary Kingswear
0221/19/HHO 25/01/2019 Little Stonefield Lower Contour Road Kingswear TQ6 0AL Householder application for removal of existing iron balustrade and replacement with new frameless glass balustrade Kingswear
0146/19/FUL 29/01/2019 Dartside Quay Galmpton Creek Galmpton Brixham TQ5 0EH Construction of slipway adjacent to existing hoist dock Kingswear
0070/19/HHO 05/02/2019 Whare Witi Poaka Maypool TQ5 0ET Householder application for proposed detached garage Kingswear
0217/19/HHO 24/01/2019 Old Stables Venn Lane Stoke Fleming TQ6 0QF Householder application for retention of slated tiled roof, 3 slatted timber wall panels and insertion of glazed panels in link wall section(Retrospective) Stoke Fleming