Planning Applications Submitted from 17 September 2018 to 14 October 2018

Ref Date Site Address Proposal Parish
1381/18/ARM 21/09/2018 Land at SX806521 West Hartley Blackawton Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 1212/17/OPA for a permanent agricultural worker's dwelling Blackawton
3166/18/CLE 20/09/2018 The Hollies Fairview Road Dartmouth TQ6 9EN Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing use or operation - use as a domestic dwelling unit Dartmouth
3207/18/ARC 25/09/2018 14 Broadstone Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9NR Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Construction Method Statement) of planning consent 3378/16/FUL Dartmouth
3274/18/COM 26/09/2018 S/O 2 Yorke Road Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9HN Notice of intention to install 1no. fixed-line broadband electronic communications apparatus Dartmouth
3213/18/CLP 27/09/2018 1B Browns Hill Dartmouth TQ6 9NU Lawful development certificate for proposed use of retail premises as tea shop Dartmouth
3124/18/HHO 28/09/2018 4 Churchfields West Dartmouth TQ6 9JD Householder application for alterations and extension Dartmouth
3147/18/HHO 01/10/2018 26A South Town Dartmouth TQ6 9BX Householder application for alterations and extension to dwelling including raising the roof (Renewing permission granted ref application 15/0440/09/F) Dartmouth
3227/18/HHO 08/10/2018 10 Crowthers Hill Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9QX Householder application for alterations and rear extension including associated external works Dartmouth
3354/18/TCA 09/10/2018 86 Above Town Dartmouth TQ6 9RQ T1: Bay (Laurus nobilis) - Fell to ground level and allow to redevelopto 2m, multi stemmed overgrown coppice, inappropriate siting for mature tree with potential to fail. Dartmouth
3113/18/HHO 18/09/2018 The Stables Chipton Barton Dittisham TQ6 0HW Householder application for alterations to property to provide new covered car port with storage, extension to barn and associated landscaping works Dittisham
3181/18/TCA 24/09/2018 Dittisham Court Riverside Road To Dittisham Co Dittisham TQ6 0HS T1: Horse Chestnut – dismantle and remove, located in amenity area currently being re-landscaped and planted, tree overshadows adjacent property, base of tree immediately adjacent to boundary fence, residents and management company feel tree too large due to location close to dwellings and boundary, would like to re-plant smaller; G2: x2 Sycamore - crown raise to 5.4 metres over parking area, immediatelyadjacent to and overhanging parking area, crown raising required to give high vehicle clearance, reduce damage and nuisance to parked vehicles; T3: Cherry – dismantle, remove, re-plant with smaller tree, become too large, close to dwellings, adjacent to car park entrance. Dittisham
3172/18/VAR 25/09/2018 Little Coombe Farm Downton Cross To Kingston Dittisham TQ6 0JB Application for variation of condition 2 (with relocation of communal building, alterations to landscaping and installation of lighting) andremoval of conditions 4 and 8 following grant of planning permission 18/0490/13/F Dittisham
3302/18/LBC 04/10/2018 Lytch Gate Cottage Riverside Road Dittisham TQ6 0HS Listed building application for the replacement of existing plastic rainwater equipment by white coated steel Lindab materials Dittisham
3218/18/AGR 26/09/2018 Land at Hillhead Farm Hillhead Brixham Prior notification for development of agricultural storage building Kingswear
3286/18/ARC 02/10/2018 Noss Marina Bridge Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0EA Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Condition 36, 41, 42 &43 of Planning Consent 2161/17/OPA Kingswear
3204/18/TPO 03/10/2018 Reservoir House Upper Wood Lane Kingswear Devon TQ6 0DF Works as per document "Woodland Management Plan July 2018". Kingswear
3320/18/ARC 08/10/2018 Noss Marina Bridge Road Kingswear TQ6 0EA Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 31 and 60 of planning consent 2161/17/OPA Kingswear
3117/18/TCA 18/09/2018 White Ladies New Road Stoke Fleming TQ6 0NR T1: Laurel – fell, low amenity value, shading pre-existing patio; T2: Holm Oak – crown lift to 2.5 metres from ground level, thin crown by 25%, low branches hindering pre-existing patio, density blocking lightto property. Stoke Fleming
3230/18/HHO 09/10/2018 38 Venn Park Stoke Fleming TQ6 0QN Householder application for new ground floor extension with pitched roof Stoke Fleming