Planning Applications Submitted from 14 May 2018 to 17 June 2018

Ref Date Site Address Proposal Parish
1570/18/VAR 18/05/2018 Field North Of Higher Cotterbury Blackawton To Cotterbury Blackawton Devon Removal of condition 3 (Agricultural Restriction) of planning consent 06/2714/07/F (Erection of agricultural building) Blackawton
1859/18/TPO 31/05/2018 Wadstray House Blackawton TQ9 7DE T1: Beech - fell due to partially wind-blown, roots unstable. T2: Beech - fell, lost large limb, vertical crack on tree stem. Blackawton
1660/18/FUL 07/06/2018 Forder Barn Blackawton TQ9 7AL Change of use and conversion of an agricultural building to residential Blackawton
1125/18/HHO 14/05/2018 Ten Fathoms Ravensbury Drive Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ Proposed extension and alterations in the form of raising of the roof to create an additional floor of accommodation, with glazed gables to each end and facing river, conversion of the roof space including new dormer, 3 storey extension to the rear of the property over and to theside of the existing single storey entrance porch and remodelling of the elevations, including glazed bifold doors with balconies to the first and second floors Dartmouth
1654/18/TCA 15/05/2018 Deans Lodge South Town Dartmouth TQ6 9BU T1: Western Red Cedar - Fell; T2: Beech - Crown lift up to approx 8 metres and thin crown by 20%. Dartmouth
0751/18/FUL 21/05/2018 One Gun Point Castle Road Dartmouth TQ6 0JN Erection of 2 replacement dwellings (Amended scheme from 0694/16/FUL) Dartmouth
1770/18/ARC 23/05/2018 31 Ridge Hill Dartmouth TQ6 9PE Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 11 and 12 of planning consent 15/1655/15/F Dartmouth
1769/18/ARC 23/05/2018 31 Ridge Hill Dartmouth TQ6 9PE Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 12 and 13 of Planning Consent 15/1656/15/LB Dartmouth
1815/18/VAR 30/05/2018 17 Ford Dartmouth TQ6 9DT Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) following grant of planning consent 15/1419/15/F (Resubmission of 1206/18/VAR) Dartmouth
1845/18/FUL 31/05/2018 Mayflower Court North Embankment Dartmouth TQ6 9NJ Elevational changes and improvements to the North Embankment facade. Installation of patio doors and Juliette balconies (resubmission of 1147/18/FUL) Dartmouth
1494/18/FUL 31/05/2018 9 Dart Marina Sandquay Road Dartmouth TQ6 9QP Loft conversion and alterations to existing apartment Dartmouth
1673/18/LBC 04/06/2018 Manor House 14 South Town Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9BX Retrospective Listed Building Consent for replacement windows and wooden steps to rear, re-slating rear extension and replacement guttering Dartmouth
1849/18/VAR 07/06/2018 Bunbury House Warfleet Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ Application for variation of condition 2 following grant of planning consent 3616/17/HHO Dartmouth
1752/18/FUL 08/06/2018 51 Victoria Road Dartmouth TQ6 9RT Proposed demolition of seven bedroom guesthouse (C1) and rebuilding to create 2no. flats (C3A) (resubmission of 2388/17/FUL) Dartmouth
1957/18/ARC 11/06/2018 12 North Ford Road Dartmouth TQ6 9EP Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 of planning consent 4163/16/FUL Dartmouth
1907/18/VAR 11/06/2018 Land at SX 288020 50602 Southtown Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 2909/15/FUL (Proposed single dwelling) Dartmouth
1704/18/FUL 13/06/2018 Camelot 61 Victoria Road Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RX Conversion of single dwelling to three flats Dartmouth
1708/18/NMM 30/05/2018 Cott Farm Barn Dittisham Devon TQ6 0JQ Non Material Amendment of Planning Consent 18/1015/09/F (Re- Configuration of barn and provision of new windows) Dittisham
1864/18/ARC 04/06/2018 Kiln Lyon Lower Street Dittisham Dartmouth TQ6 0HY Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Conditions 3 & 5 of planning consent 18/0230/15/F Dittisham
1693/18/NMM 14/05/2018 1 Orchard Terrace Lower Contour Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0AW Non-material minor amendment to householder consent 1054/16/HHO to re-position escape window from side to rear elevation Kingswear
1658/18/HHO 17/05/2018 North Lodge Greenway Kingswear TQ5 0ES Householder application for addition of air source heat pump to North Eastern elevation Kingswear
1102/18/FUL 17/05/2018 Creekside Lower Contour Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0AL Change of use of boathouse from garage/home-office/storage to unrestricted ancillary residential accommodation Kingswear
1702/18/FUL 21/05/2018 Land at Pilgrim Cottage Penhill Lane Hillhead Devon TQ5 0EY Construction of 4 bed house Kingswear
1731/18/LBC 22/05/2018 Lower Greenway Farm Greenway Kingswear TQ5 0ES Listed building consent for renewing/repairing slate roofs, rainwater goods and joinery to barns, masonry repairs to the chimney Kingswear
1734/18/TCA 31/05/2018 Mayflower Waters Beacon Lane Kingswear TQ6 0BU T1: Yew - Fell; T2: Yew - Fell; T3: Copper Beech - crown height reduction by 3 metres, lateral reduction by up to 2 metres on East side back to boundary. Kingswear
1905/18/HHO 05/06/2018 Mill House Brixham Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0BA Householder application for proposed alterations and extensions (resubmission of 0169/18/HHO) Kingswear
1613/18/FUL 06/06/2018 The Lane House Upper Wood Lane Kingswear TQ6 0DF Proposed new dwelling in garden area of The Lane House and alterations to existing access to Mount Ridley Road Kingswear
1913/18/ARC 08/06/2018 The Anchorage Redoubt Hill Kingswear TQ6 0DA Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4 and 5 of planning consent 30/1422/14/F Kingswear
1778/18/FUL 13/06/2018 Tanglewood Higher Contour Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0DE Replacement of existing dwelling and construction of a new dweeling onsite of existing garage. Kingswear
1946/18/VAR 14/06/2018 Oceana Apartments Lower Contour Road Kingswear Dartmouth Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) following grant of planning permission 0931/18/VAR Kingswear
2001/18/HHO 15/06/2018 Aviemore Hillhead TQ5 0EX Householder application for a taller boundary fence and retrospective layout changes from previously approved scheme (ref. 30/1481/09/F) (resubmission of 1190/18/HHO) Kingswear
2000/18/ARC 15/06/2018 Higher Contour Cottage Redoubt Hill Kingswear TQ6 0DA Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 of planning consent 0861/17/FUL Kingswear
1679/18/FUL 14/05/2018 Land at SX 861 496 Venn Lane Dartmouth Devon TQ6 0LE Construction of agricultural building (Resubmission of 0652/18/FUL). Stoke Fleming
1325/18/HHO 23/05/2018 Southfield House New Road Stoke Fleming TQ6 0NR Replacement timber garden summerhouse Stoke Fleming
1796/18/VAR 05/06/2018 Premier Garage Dartmouth Road Stoke Fleming Devon TQ6 0RE READVERTISEMENT Variation of condition 7 (Drainage Details) and confirmation of details of conditions 3, 9 & 11 of planning consent 2078/16/FUL Stoke Fleming
1908/18/FUL 07/06/2018 Redcroft Dartmouth Road Stoke Fleming TQ6 0RE Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of 4 new dwelling houses with associated landscaping and parking. Stoke Fleming